The Wolf from Roebeeh Productions on Vimeo.

It reminds me of my interrupted walks home from the school bus stop as a youngster… being lured into the strange old ladies home up the road with promises of sweets, lizards, scary movies & other eye widening delights, only to be fed – in some depth, instructional procedures in preparing Tomato Soup with 11 different variations. It was here I was also fortunate enough to inherit, verbally, a number of invaluable life lessons from her… for example “If one is to posses a creative soul, one must understand that a serving of wheatbix and warm water is a more than adequate midday meal”… The Fantails were delicious but to be truthful, she just confused me.

With my dear friend Holly Isabella Rankin on the other hand… there’s no confusion.
Launching their first EP at The Basement in Sydney on Mar 19, this amazingly creative cat driving Desire The Horse agreed with noone that an entree of sorts should be available for perusal… The first track off the EP ‘The Wolf’… look

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