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If you’ve not yet heard of The Peeks, a young folk-rock band from the burbs of Melbourne, check this out. It’s the film clip for ‘Little Black Dog’, a track off of their latest EP. The clip was shot in a rather aesthetically pleasing location hidden away in the rurals of country Victoria. It’s an […]


I helped do some filming yesterday for a photography project my friend Dan has begun working on. It’s quite unique. But then again, so is he. The exhibition for this particular project, which is likely to be held sometime next year due to the concept requiring a significant period of time to eventualize, will be […]


Benny you little legend! Most of this footage has been sitting dormant for the last four or more years and, up until recently, before receiving a letter – which, yes, do still exist – and a CD which read something along the lines of ‘Benny Reed is in a band, The Single Fins, and this […]


FILM TEASER – ‘BUI MAREUREU BAAP as worlds divide’ from AS WORLDS DIVIDE on Vimeo.

Here is the teaser for BUI MAREUREU BAAP as worlds divide, the documentary project I’m currently working on; check it out! Also, click on over to the film’s official website – for more info and to follow […]


Have you ever wondered how long it would take to fill 104 pairs of lightweight cotton dress socks with 9B grey lead pencils? Me neither, but I’d happily devote an equivalent amount of time to watching Cousin Lawrence’s music act JULY DAYS at work! ELECTRIC LOVE, from their new album LIGHTBULB MOMENTS. Check it […]


The Wolf from Roebeeh Productions on Vimeo.

It reminds me of my interrupted walks home from the school bus stop as a youngster… being lured into the strange old ladies home up the road with promises of sweets, lizards, scary movies & other eye widening delights, only to be fed – in some depth, […]


I’ve been floating about the Islands for the past couple of months. Follow the link for the visuals… ABC124


Have you got the time? was filmed around Melbourne in South Yarra, the Vic Market, and for the most part St Kilda. I received a brand new Nixon watch as a prize through work and without any real need for a watch myself I figured its value could be spent in a far better […]