Benny you little legend! Most of this footage has been sitting dormant for the last four or more years and, up until recently, before receiving a letter – which, yes, do still exist – and a CD which read something along the lines of ‘Benny Reed is in a band, The Single Fins, and this is almost the final version of their first EP’, had in fact, for the most part, been forgotten. Which is primarily because I’ve not since been inspired by thoughts discovering any relevance for it. But now, thanks to your music, which captures everything about the feelings I hoped this to portray, I have. Thanks. I do hope you and the lads continue writing music Benny.

For punters though, yes, this is one song – for which the CD did not reveal the name of, but, like all good bands, there are more; so be sure to get on down to a gig, visit The Single Fins Fan and Triple J Unearthed pages and support good local music and a genuine dude!

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