I’ve placed life’s normalities on hold and am currently away living in the forest; not sure when I’ll be back.


A short highlight clip I’ve thrown together


Mentawai Sunset

Mentawai Locals

Mentawai Sunset
I’ve been floating about the Islands for the past couple of months. Follow the link for the visuals… ABC124


Ever witnessed a goldfish lose it’s shit & leap from it’s spacious glass enclosure because your cat wouldn’t cease up on the repetitive bathing of oneself whilst pressing it’s fury coat against the bowl? Damn that short memory loss… and such a fundamental guideline to have slip the mind too. ‘One must remain in water at all times to maintain the act of breathing and consequentially, living’. Being a fish would definitely have it’s disadvantages, i’d say.

Speaking about nothing though, anybody noticed Melbourne artist Nate Gamble’s dizzling work of late? Feast your lookers on this.

Nate’s Kenny Bloody Bloggins antics shouldn’t be overlooked either for that matter.

Get flash here if you can’t play this.


If you missed out on peeping the visual goodness on display at the Green-Wood Gallery in South Melbourne, here’s a short clip to bring you up to speed. The Drawing Machine ll, once again curated by GHOSTPATROL and MISO, shared the space with an extremely talented bunch of artists including MEGGS, AL STARK, TWOONE, BRADDOCK, NIOR, BONSAI, KAORI KATO, HANA DAVIES, NATHAN GREY, REKA, TRISTAN JALLEH, HYPER COLOR CASTLE, CHARLOTTE LANCE & ACORN. Rad, check it…


Fisherhan Drawing
Malden Timmelbart was a man. Matter a fact Malden Timmelbart was THE man. If you were to just mention his very name in the Pencildate Mountain Region you’d very quickly find yourself whisked up in front of 11,000 mournful faces staring at a podium mic and wondering when they had found the time to wrap your now flimsy wrists with those large iron shackles!? Now if you were to look hard enough amongst the eagerly awaiting crowd of faces you’d find in between one face that was ruining the repetition with a frightfully cold and spiteful expression, a look that would slowly slide the shackles from your wrists up to your neck via a path most would have thought impossible. This face would be that of Doormat Dave. You see Dave was left abandoned as a baby on a small farm cottage doormat situated at the foot of the Twisted Forest – the Twisted Forest that’s thought to be the home of the gigantic Glass wielding 60ft Ogre eating everything in it’s path and washing it all down with a tasty glass of salt water goodness that is. So why is Doormat Dave so damn pissed off you ask?? Well you see Doormat Dave has one incredibly oversized toe, an abnormality that requires him to wear a Potato Sack cushioned with Saw Dust on his right foot. This visual defect has also lead Dave to adamantly believe that he is the spawn of the Almighty Ogre.
And so it stands… while the combined township of the entire Pencildate Region hide in fear mourning the disappearance of their great protector and warrior Malden Timmelbart, a perturbed Doormat Dave paces the rickety wooden floors of his waning home awaiting those sweet sounds of destruction & devastation his deranged mind had come to believe were gentle lullabies his 60ft father had been orchestrating to help put him to sleep.

Malden, also being the keen fisherman and quite the handyman will be on vacation for a little while longer i’d say…


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Raising funds and awareness for Men’s Health has never been more enjoyable thanks to the month of Movember we celebrate each year. Movember; formally beginning in 2004, has in it’s 4 years prior to 2008 raised over $24 million thanks to the generosity of the Australian public. With Movember now spanning world-wide, we’ll once again see significant increases in raising funds and awareness in 2008 and beyond. For those that couldn’t make it to the Movember Gala Parte in Melbourne check out some of the action here…


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iriver held an online competition offering punters the opportunity to send in their short video’s and music tracks based around the theme ‘I do what i like’ with the winning entries becoming the official song & video for iriver multimedia players in 2009. Here’s a short clip from the awards night featuring the winning song… check out the other finalists at


Mmm, now how should we celebrate the launch of our new website the lads at Peak Street Mag thought…? How about throwing together a group art exhibition including ADNATE, AEON, AKSIS, AMUCK37, APESEVEN, APRIL77, ATOME, BEASTMAN, BENZO, BLIGS, CHEZ, CULTURAL URGE, DABS, DAEK, DEBS, DUEL, DVATE, ITCH, JOSH2000, JOTA ONE, KID9, KID ZOOM, MAKATRON, MEGS, MEXI, MIKE WATT, MISTERY, MYLA, NATE HOLMES TRAPNELL, NICK BAZAROW, ORBS, PHIBS, PHIGERONE, PIKER, POISE, PORE, QUES REACH, REKA, SEAR, SHIME, SLEEP, SMC(3), SON OF SANCHEZ, SOSIO, SPICE, STORE, SUBWAY SUDS, SWAZE1, TAHNS, TEASER, TIMBA, TUSK2 & VANS using Twelve Inch Vinyls as the canvas?
Good idea… get down to Per Square Metre and check it out before Nov 9.
Here’s a sneak peak…


With Chupa Chup turning 50 years old, a celebration of sorts was in order… here’s a sample of the festivities in Melbourne’s AC/DC Ln, yeehA